About Our Founder, Rick Lorenzen

Philanthropist and Car Guy

Rick Lorenzen grew up in Wilmington, California, near iconic Lions Drag Strip and was naturally drawn towards the culture of fast cars. Rick was especially impressed by the modified Willy’s, so much so that he quickly located a 1941 coupe for $65 dollars in 1960. Rick started working on it in his friends back yard and at Jim Dugan’s Muffler Shop in Wilmington. Dugan’s built headers and chassis for local motorsport legend Mickey Thompson.

It was Rick’s 1941 Willy that launched his lifelong dream to restore automobiles that characterized a simpler time in Southern California. Ricks collection of restored vehicles represent various Hot Rod, Muscle Car and Service Vehicles, each accompanied by an endearing story.

The Lions Automobilia Foundation Mission

To Honor and Preserve the Legacy of Motorsports & Car Culture in Southern California for Future Generations

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