Rick Lorenzen (2)

Rick Lorenzen

Philanthropist and Car Guy

Rick Lorenzen, Founder of the Lions Automobilia Foundation and Owner of Price Transfer grew up in Wilmington, CA. just down the street from legendary Lions Drag Strip. Rick attended Lions with his buddies and was naturally drawn to fast cars like the famed Stone, Woods, and Cook Willys Coupe. In 1960, Rick located a 1941 Willys and bought it for $65. Rick spent much of his time doing fabrication and engine work either in his friends’ backyard or at Jim Dugan’s Muffler Shop. Life got busy and Rick had to set his project aside in hopes to someday race.

In 1961, Rick and his father Fred, partnered to purchase a small trucking company from local businessman, A.B. Price and changed the name to Price Transfer. Like many small family business’s, Price Transfer operated out the family garage. The company was primarily a trucking business hauling passenger’s baggage to and from steamship lines and cruise ships and delivering all over the Southern California area. In 1973, Price Transfer was relocated to warehouse facility and expanded into warehousing and storage, a logical direction for the company to expand. Sadly, in 1974, Fred Lorenzen passed away, not realizing the up-and-coming growth that Price Transfer was going to experience under Rick’s leadership. In 1985, Rick inspired change as to how cargo was inspected and piloted the first United States Customs Examination Site for the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Fast forward to present, Rick’s endless hard work and dedication rewarded him great success. His original Willy’s Couple now sits in a museum filled with Willys Coupes and Sedans, as well as, the Original Stone, Woods and Cook Willys that Rick admired as a young man
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