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The Lions Automobilia Foundation supports youth of all ages to explore the world of the Automotive, Motorsports and Service Vehicle Industries. Students and Young Adults can learn the history of car culture in Southern California and discover the craftsmanship and passion invested in vehicle restoration, maintenance, and design. We welcome youth programs and schools to visit and tour our galleries filled with Automotive History. Contact us at 310-223-3473 to arrange Youth Tour.
The Lions Automobilia Education Programs are designed to educate and create community awareness by revealing the safety and performance innovations resulting from motorsports and help you discover the many career paths in the motorsports, automotive and transportation industries.
The Lions Automobilia Foundation Supports

Exploring the Origin of Performance Engineering

The Lions Automobilia Foundation offers educational opportunities to discover the origins of countless engineering concepts that lead to the rapid growth of motorsports and automotive performance part advancements. Beyond the historical value of touring the museum adults of all ages and backgrounds can learn about various career paths that the automotive industry offers.
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