Process for incoming items for Gift or Loan

Items received by the Lions Automobilia Foundation Museum for gift, purchase or loan which arrive by mail, by hand from owner or agent, or which are picked up by authorized Museum staff, will be processed as follows:

Lions Automobilia Foundation Donation & Loan Policy

  • All donations/loans shall be of high quality as determined by the Director/Collection Committee.
  • Donations/Loans added to the permanent collection shall be promptly accessioned upon receipt and acceptance.
  • No objects for consideration of gift/loan or for examination shall be left with anyone but the Director/Collection Coordinator. No member of the Lions staff nor any Lions volunteer or docent should accept any object coming into the Museum without the express permission of the Director/Collection Coordinator.
  • Objects which are acquired by the Lions Automobilia Foundation Museum must be approved by the Lions Collection Committee.


  1. Donors/Loaners must submit photo and description of item for pre-approval before sending or delivering item to the Lions Automobilia Foundation by mail or online form.
  2. The Lions Automobilia Foundation Staff WILL NOT accept item donations/loans without pre-approval. This policy is to protect against undue duplication in the collection as well as accepting objects which could hinder the ability of the Museum to display, care for, and store the objects already in the Museum's possession.
  3. Once approved, you will be provided an item donation/loan reference number.
    • You may ship item to the Lions Automobilia Foundation with reference number clearing stated on outside of package that has been professional packed to avoid damage.
    • Or you may deliver by hand with scheduled appointment.
  4. Arrival of your Items to the Lions Automobilia Foundation.
    • Items will remain packed for 48 to 72 hours to acclimatize to the museum’s environment.
    • Unpacked items will be examined for damaged and photographed
    • The original receipt is sent to the doner/loaner for signature and mailed back to Lions.


  • All gifts should be given and accepted unconditionally. No conditions should be made by Museum or donor as to the display, storage, or disposition of an object given to the Museum. The Deed of Gift has been written to reflect this policy and all donors should be made aware that they give the object to the Museum outright and completely. Gifts should only be accepted unconditionally since it has been found that the best interest of the Museum and the collections can be served only when there is complete freedom to display, store, and dispose of items.
  • When declining donations, the Museum staff may recommend other institutions with which the object may be placed. For this reason, it is important to know other automobile museums and the focus of their collections.
  • No gift may be appraised by the Director or any other Museum staff. This practice constitutes a conflict of interest (See U.S. Tax Reform Act of 1984 and IRS Regulations relating to the act). Donors may be given a list of appropriate professional appraisers upon request.