Lions Automobilia Memberships

Lions Automobilia Memberships is a wonderful way to support the Foundation’s efforts in preserving Southern California Car Culture and Motorsport Heritage. Members can visit the Lions Museum during normal business hours without reservations, receive gift store and event discounts, get advance event notice and because the Lions Automobilia Foundation is a nonprofit, a portion of your membership is tax deductible.
The Lions Automobilia Foundation is a nonprofit 501c3 created to Honor and Preserve the Legacy of Motorsport and Car Culture in Southern California by way of the Lions Museum, Exhibits, Seminars and Educational Programs. Many of today’s prominent automotive parts manufactures were founded in the Los Angeles area and tested their products at local tracks and high desert areas in pursuit of performance excellence. The skills and trades needed to achieve these milestones remain today in form of fabricators, engineers, body and paint, designers, builders, and machinist. The Lions Automobilia Foundation’s Education program will be offering seminars and workshops to those exploring a career in the automotive trades as well as basic mechanic’s for beginners.
Your Membership will assist in making these programs more informative and impactful, in hopes to attract awareness of potential careers in the automotive and motorsport industry.
Corporate Membership information is available upon request, please contact a member of our team at [email protected]