John Ewald

John Ewald served as a track photographer at Lions Drag Strip from 1968 to 1972. In a 2012 K & N press release, John explained how he landed the job, “After going regularly to Lions with the car club I started shooting photos of our members cars, this led to CJ Pappy Hart offering me the position of track photographer”. “Pappy Hart, gave me the opportunity to be the Lion's Drag Strip photographer, which set up my successful career. Pappy also was a great teacher in the way he brought out the best in everyone. He taught us values, sportsmanship, fairness and patriotism”. John also worked as a photographer for Drag News Magazine and later Boat News. After Boat News, John opened a very successful advertising business who’s clients included Firestone/Bridgestone. The results of John’s talent for capturing historical motorsports moments have been preserved and can be viewed on the We Did It For Love website ( ) that John founded with his brother Don.

John passed away after a long battle of bladder cancer in 2015. John was a beloved member of the motorsport community and his memory along with his great work will live on forever.